Deanos Custom Painting

Answers to our most frequently asked questions 

1. How much do the paint jobs cost?

We have provided an on-line quote request form for you to fill out and submit. You will receive a personalized quote via email. The average custom paint job costs between $1600 and $3800 for tank, front and rear fender.

2. What is you turn-around time?
Anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on design. This DOES NOT include shipping time. Your method of shipment will add anywhere from 1 – 10 days to time of receipt.

(Turn-around time may be longer during the “mad rush” to complete jobs for the Daytona, Sturgis and Laughlin bike events. If you need your paint around any of these times,YOU MUST ORDER EARLY!)

3. What kind of paint do you use?
Spies Hecker and House of Kolor provide us with quality finishes that we can guarantee. We also use Tip Top products for clear caot, primer, and polyester.

4. What if I have my own design?
We encourage your participation in designing your paint job. Please include your design ideas with your quote form (either attach to an email or fax to the office). Our artists will look at your design and work with your ideas to give you the paint of your dreams.

5. How do I get started with the process?
Browse through our extensive online CATALOG, then fill out and submit the request a quote form. Once you have received your personalized quote, either pack it and ship it with the quote, or, if you need further information, call Dean at 480-968-8418. You can also use our exchange sheet metal program to minimize the downtime of riding your bike. We can order directly from Harley Davidson at cost and get any parts you need. We then paint those parts for you. For more info call Dean.

6. Do you do body work?
Yes we do! Most preparation and body work is included in the price quoted.

7. Can I save money doing my own body work?
No! Because of our quality warranty,we do not accept anyone’s body work but our own. Any work that has been done to your sheet metal will be stripped and redone using our products.

8. Can I see my design?
Once your sheet metal is in the shop, our artists will provide you with quick “renderings” of designs if needed to give you an idea of what is going on with your project. If you would like a more formalized illustration, or envision a very customized and/or complex design, that is not a problem. Let us know exactly what you want, and the design time will be figured into your quote.We do not do drawings for work that is not in the shop.Too many of our drawings have been stolen.

9. Do you only paint motorcycles?
We will paint anything that paint can stick to.


10. How do I choose a color?
We can match anything. You can send us nail polish, lipstick, clothing, year and make of your car or a sample of any paint on any thing. You may also choose from the web site, however, you need to keep in mind that web colors show up differently on everyone’s monitor. If that still isn’t satisfactory, we have House of Kolor color books available in our online store. These books have hundreds of paint sample colors to choose from.

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