Deanos Custom Painting

Nickel Plating
The importance of nickel plating
Nickel plating is a process in which the element nickel is applied electrostatically to all exposed surfaces, both inside and out, of a fuel tank or oil bag. Factory parts already are nickle plated.

We have found that nickel plating is the best process to use for durability against rust and corrosion, although it is not 100%.

Deano’s strongly recommends that you have your tanks and oil bags nickel plated before paint. We offer this service for $150 per tank and $100 per oil bag. Nickel plating can only be applied to bare metal, and must be done before ANY bodywork and ANY paint is applied. We CAN NOT nickel plate “just the inside” of your tank or oil bag.

Please keep in mind that nickel plating is for metal tanks only. Aluminum tanks do not need to be nickel plated.

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