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Deano’s Shipping Service

Everything you need to know to get your sheet metal to us safely,
and what you can expect from return shipping

How to Ship:
When boxing or crating your parts, make sure that none of the sheet metal is touching or rubbing another piece in any way. Suggestions – wrap each piece in towels or foam paper or use bubble wrap. Another solution is to put each piece in separate box – rather than shipping all pieces in one large box. It is a also a very good idea to keep fenders and tanks separate. Deano’s IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to your sheet metal caused by your improper packing. Also don’t forget to insure your shipment!!

Important!! Please make sure all gas and/or oil has been completely removed from pieces. In addition, please remove all miscellaneous pieces, ie. gas caps, cross-over tubes, paint savers, fittings, pet cocks. In other words, if you don’t want it painted, don’t send it.

We receive sheet metal every day and cannot guess whose bike is in the box. PLEASE include, in each box, either a sheet of paper with your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of your paint job.

How we Ship:
1. First we inspect and make sure that your paintwork is clean and free of scratches & dust etc.

2. Next we wrap each individual part in at least two layers of foam wrap.

3. After the foam wrap is applied we then wrap each part again in two layers of bubble wrap.

4. We use expanding pillow packs and popcorn generously in every box so that your parts remain damage free and arrive safely to your door.


Deano’s Custom Painting
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We recommend using UPS. As an added bonus, UPS will pack your sheet metal for you, for an added cost.

Time quotes that you receive from us are for the paint and body work. We do not include the time it will take for shipping your items in either direction. Please keep that in mind when making plans for your new ride.

All completed paint jobs are shipped to you packed safely a special foam packing system developed to ensure that your freshly painted sheet metal arrives unscathed. You need to understand that this process costs money. Along with the actual shipping fee, your total return shipping costs will include a handling fee of approximately $85-$150 per bike, depending on the size and how many pieces are involved.

Proper packing is imperative to the shipping process.
We can not and will not skimp on this process!

Ground Shipping usually arrives in 5 business days. You may also choose one of our 1, 2 or 3 day shipping with UPS.

There is a $25 packaging fee per box when we ship your items. This covers our packaging supplies, boxes, tape, etc.

Ground Shipping generally runs about $60-$100 per bike, while quicker shipping can be very costly. We are happy to ship your paint however you want.

We can use your business shipping accounts or we can charge the shipping and handling directly to your credit card. Deano’s does not mark-up cost on any shipping.

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